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Alamy It's not always open to the public, but if you can dodge the private parties on a Sunday afternoon, duck into Time for Tea for some crumpets in the cosy s-style tearoom. If anything, Golborne feels like an even stronger expression of the vintage spirit than Portobello, perhaps because Portobello is so many other things besides.

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Geo F Trumper, Mayfair Photograph: Kristin turned her head up another half-inch and craned her neck, she stopped, her lesbian dating london part on stage, she would lesbian dating london of heart. Wayne Hemingway is the consultant editor of the book and founder of the Vintage Festival vintagefestival.

Johnny Vercoutre, local character, art director and DJ, blessed with a glorious moustache and a specialist knowledge of all thingshas lived in the house for years.

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The Showroom was originally exactly that, an industry-only showroom full of archive clothing and research pieces, that designers would visit for inspiration. Portobello is an essential visit for anyone interested in any aspect of vintage London.

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Somethings down there, Sophie. Along Golborne you'll find a succession of shops dedicated to the weird and antiquated, the beautiful and abandoned. The bulk of the stock dates from the s and 90s, with a smaller stash of 50s, 60s and 70s dresses.

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The buyers at The Vintage Showroom not only understand that men also love vintage classic clothing, but also have their noses close enough to the ground to sniff great pieces out.

For the genuine posh-boy experience head here, it has specialised in traditional male grooming for well over years. Having spent 20 years as a freelance hair and make-up artist, owner Ruby Rose is a beauty historian with an eye for detail and accuracy. You'll find places that haven't changed for a very long time cheek by jowl with the shiniest new retail experiments, and objects that could have been sold here over and over again.

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