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Some such stranded tourists, already identified as easy targets, will then be approached by a second Tibetan driver in the ring, and the same scam happens one more time. Sightseeing windows As the air on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau is quite thin, the solar radiation is very strong. Bus[ edit ] Central Tibet has a good public bus network, although foreigners are not allowed to use an intercity bus currently.

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Lhasa's PSB has a poor reputation, while Xigatse and Ali are said to issue permits without any unnecessary difficulties. Keep this in mind! If enter Tibet by flight from Mainland China, then you need the original Tibet travel permit in your hand to board the flight, when you go through the security check point at the airport, they will check your permit and passports, so remember to ask your travel agent to send your travel permit to your hotel in Mainland China before you arrive, also make sure that the names and passport number on the permit is correct as if there is a mistake, then the airport security won't let you board the flight and ask you to send the permit back to Lhasa and correct.

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It is still comfortable and soft but less spacious and private. At present, there are several trains to and out of Tibet each day. This is one of new rules that come from Chinese government.

There are eighteen compartments without doors in a carriage; six berths per compartment forming 2 triple bunk beds, two upper, two middle and two lower. These maps can be dated, particularly where infrastructure has been actively developed since or there have been major political changes, but representation of topography remains valid.

Although this makes Chinese a more useful language for travellers in many ways, you should remember that language can be political in this charged environment. These parts of Tibet are worth to visit. There are even reports of foreigners being jailed on a temporary basis for breaking travel bans.

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There is no legal way to travel this road except as part of an expensive organised tour; see Overland to Tibet and the security is tighter than from the north. If you are caught by the authorities you will either be sent back at your expensehave your visa cancelled or sent home or in extreme cases banned from ever re-entering China. Depending on the dialect of Tibetan spoken, it may be tonal or non-tonal.

An alternate route is to follow the Yunnan tourist trail to Zhongdian and fly from there to Lhasa.

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Tibetan phrasebook The main language of Tibet is Tibetan ; which comes in many varying dialects, but many Tibetans speak or understand some Mandarin except the nomadic tribes in the Far East Tibet.

This deposit is used to manage your applications, train tickets. As ofthe previous "backpacker" tours, which included the permit and a couple of nights stay in Lhasa is no longer an option and all travellers must stay with an organised trip the entire time they are in Tibet.

All foreign visitors to Tibet need one to eight permits. At first, soft sleeper class gives you access to a separate waiting area and priority boarding. Police will probably send you back to city and travel agency who organised your tour to Lhasa will pay very high fines. All paperwork except for the application of the Chinese visa must be organized through an official China-Tibet Tour Agency.

That means you will not be allowed to travel on an independent basis. There are restaurants, truck stops and shops scattered around often enough so that you don't need to carry more than a day's worth of food with the important exception of the west of the country.

The train has become the major way to get to Tibet for travellers. Tibetan is only taught in school until the 8th grade. Since travel to Tibet by train is quite a long journey, it is not recommended for you to take hard seat to Tibet.

Be very precise with your itinerary and very careful with payment. Payment should never be made in advance.

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The roads are often well graded, being built for overloaded trucks. Both of the oxygen supply systems are working when the trains are running in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Zone. From the middle ofthe Tibet Tourism Bureau had implemented a new permit policy that all the permit should be applied minimal days in advance, so currently the last minute planning is not workable.

Foreign travellers without TTP, own tour guide and private car with driver are not allowed to leave city of Lhasa. The road is totally unpaved for over a thousand kilometres with villages and water few and far between. Travellers in Tibet have reported being stopped or questioned by the Chinese police, which are normally either courteous or simply uninterested in a traveller's whereabouts or plans in the rest of the country.

Han Chinese people, on the other hand, normally don't know any Tibetan at all. There are many interesting things for the tourist to see on the way and it is worth considering travelling this way instead of via Mount Kailash. It ensures passengers' comfort and safety when the train arrives in the area over 4, meters above sea level, which easily causes high altitude sickness.

One is used for increasing the oxygen level in the train, by temperature and air pressure controlling systems once the train enters into the plateau zone from Golmud to Lhasa.

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There are oxygen supply tubes and masks in each cabin for emergencies. Services on Tibet train 1 Attendants All the attendants on Tibet train take training sessions before working on the train: The landscape is beautiful but difficult to appreciate after the long rough ride.

Oxygen Supply System The oxygen supply system is one of the most significant designs.

The hard sleeper berth is not a hard-board like its name. If you understand the Cyrillic alphabet, the Soviet military produced good topographic maps in a range of scales from 1: We recommend you buy snacks in a market or supermarket, ahead of time as the dining room meals may not suit your taste.

Be warned that these trains are not for the faint-hearted and the less adventurous type: More days are recommended if you want to include a visit to the Everest Base Camp area. Every stop, monastery and lake you wish to visit, etc should be written on the itinerary.

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Therefore, when it comes to writing, even the Tibetans themselves have difficulties and many are in fact illiterate. Beer, water, soft drinks are also available for sale in the dining car. Everest is just amazing. The Star publications map is probably the best.

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