Star trek dating sites ‘Star Trek’ Dating Websites Cater to Trekkies Looking for Love

Star trek dating sites, stay informed!

The best part is that they have a list of pre-written Star Trek themed pickup lines you can send to other members. It would look great hanging up in my closet. A hundred people signed up in the next five minutes.

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You set my face to stunned. Perhaps you have a mullet and want to meet people who are into that kind of thing.

But with so many niche dating websites out there—stripper lovers seeking strippers ; farmer crushers looking for a man who can wield a hoe —why is the idea of Trekkies looking for love online so fascinating?

We're the No 1 Trek dating site in the world. Lower your shields and give me your number.

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I love your Federation uniform. You'd be silly not to join in the fun! They go to conventions. Here at Trek Dating we're all about one thing - getting you set up as quickly as possible.

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Found this - what a cool Tinder profile! Reich Tech Times Close When Captain Kirk proclaimed that the mission of the USS Enterprise's crew was "to boldly go where no man has gone before," he definitely wasn't talking about Tinder or OkCupid, but thanks to the release of a Star Trek-themed dating app, the famous line now certainly applies.

Share your love of Star Trek, as well as your other passions, with other singles near you! The site is quick free dating sites german online point out that its online matchmaking services are in no way related to CBS Studios, which holds the production rights for the original and a new potential Star Trek series.

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Star Trek Dating

You sign up, enter your location and preference, and look for love. Then I'd go back in time, change the history of the alphabet, and put U and I together.

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We want to connect the worlds biggest Trek fans! Let us know in the comments: Every single member of Trek Dating is genuine. But I have to say this website is off to a bad start with the name. Gough pointed out otherwise, citing the ethic of the site rather than preference selection.

They worship the show.

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Click Here to find out more. We want you to have a great time with all the Trek lovers you are going to meet. You've got me going like I'm in Pon farr. The site was founded in by Oliver Gough, the current owner, with an eye on catering "specifically to Star Trek fans," due to the fact that "there was no other site dedicated for Star Trek daters," said Gough in an exclusive interview with Tech Times.

We know what you like, and we're going to give it to you. Considering it doesn't have any copyrighted show or movie stills on its site, it looks like the digital yente for sci-fi lovers might stick around for awhile — or as Captain Kirk also says, "explore strange new worlds Your biological and technological distinctiveness shall be added to my own.

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If you've not yet beamed up yet visit http: Star trek dating websites - Paramount We single geeks know better than anyone how hard it is to locate love in a world full of people who don't know the difference between a targ and a tribble. Just remember to be yourself, and not an android who tries to woo with bad star trek dating sites and stories about your cat. You better work on your Star Trek knowledge because this is what turns our members on!

The Science of Love Dating Statistics.

Our Trekking members

I mean who wouldn't mind a sexy women dressed up in a Trek uniform strutting their stuff? You are now subscribed to the Daily Digest and Cheat Sheet. Finding something that is unique about yourself that you can share with someone else is really important.

After all, not all "Star Trek" fans are alike. They met through a Star Wars fan page on Facebook, began collaborating on fan fiction, decided to meet for an international date in Berlin, transatlantic commuted for several years, and married in They are here for the same reason you are here, they are looking for someone too.

Site users can set their preferences for notifications — the default lets the site send emails for everything from new messages and chats, to photo comments, to "winks" you can forward to and receive from users — as well as search for matches according to interests, physical characteristics, age bracket and relationship type.

Users can amass credits through particular actions for instance, opening an account can give you 10 credits, uploading a profile pic earns you three and checking in daily scores you five, while other actions cost credits to complete like sending a private message or adding your profile to the "Hot List" — presumably, a feature that lets your profile be seen by more users than usual.

Trekkies Can Find Love on the 'Trek Dating' Website

You have my heart like Darmok at Tanagra If you were Cardassian, you'd make me believe there are four lights. Kevin Fallon digs into the subculture of online dating for Trekkies. I'm an atheist, but you almost make me believe in angels. Farkas has a similar story about when Tosh. Elizabeth is a freelance writer, editor, and advertising copywriter in Brooklyn.

You'll be good to go within 5 minutes and you can start flirting with trekkies straight away. Head to one of the Star Trek—themed sites listed in this piece.


Star Trek Dating Websites. What do you think of the pickup lines? Email or Phone Password Forgotten account? Our Trekking members Trek Dating has one mission. Can you think of any Star Trek pickup lines to add? All you need to do is fill out your profile and add a picture.

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You must be from the Sexy Quadrant. You and me on a date.