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From then onwards, south Jiangsu, especially major cities like Suzhou or Yangzhouwould be synonymous with opulence and luxury in China. In addition, factories producing metallurgical products, machinery, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and processed foods have been established since the s.

Meanwhile, South Jiangsu continued to be an important center of trade in China; some historians see in the flourishing textiles industry at the time incipient industrialization and capitalisma trend that was however aborted, several centuries before similar trends took hold in the West.

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Suzhou boasts some exquisite gardens with temples, pavilions, and rock sculptures; a number of those dating from the 11th to the 19th century were collectively designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in extended in The Kuomintang fled southwards, and eventually ended up in Taipeifrom which the Republic of China government continues to administer TaiwanPescadores and its neighboring islands, though it also continues to claim technically, at least Nanjing as its rightful de jure capital.

Eventually the state of Qin swept away all the other states, and unified China in BC. With the building of the Grand Canal, Suzhou became an administrative and commercial centre for an area that rapidly developed into the major rice-surplus region of China. Before World War II the area was adversely affected by foreign competition, and the silk industry, most of which was on a small handicraft scale, was hard hit.

Under the Song — and the Yuan — dynastiesSuzhou continued to flourish. It also lies at the centre of some of the richest agricultural land in China.

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Geography[ edit ] Town of Zhouzhuang in Kunshan. Under the reign of the Han dynasty BC to ADJiangsu was removed from the centers of civilization in the North China Plainand was administered under two zhou provinces: On the Grand Canal near Yangzhou. Jiangsu changed hands several times, but in April Chiang Kai-shek established a government at Nanking ; he was soon able to bring most of China under his control.

The Mongols took control of China in the thirteenth century.

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The Jurchen Jin dynasty gained control of North China in during the Jin-Song warsand Huai Riverwhich used to cut through north Jiangsu to reach the Yellow Seawas the border between the north, under the Jin, and the south, under the Southern Song dynasty. The naming of the two cities continues to reflect this: The income disparity between north Jiangsu and south Jiangsu however remains large.

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During the Zhou dynasty more contact was made, and eventually the state of Wu centered at Gusu, now Suzhou appeared as a vassal to the Zhou dynasty in south Jiangsu, one of the many hundreds of states that existed across northern and central China at that time.

The silting caused by the Yellow River was so heavy that after its last episode of "hijacking" the Huai River ended in Wusong River and Suzhou Creek gave the city direct access to the sea, and for a while Suzhou was a port for foreign shipping, until the silting of the Yangtze River delta and the irrigation and reclamation works that went on continually impeded access.

It was restored in the late 19th century, but its commercial supremacy was then challenged by nearby Shanghai.

The contemporary city

It is situated on the southern section of the Grand Canal on a generally flat, low-lying plain between the renowned Lake Tai to the west and the vast Shanghai metropolis to the east. Although it was one of the few places in which Taiping reform policies seem to have been effectively carried out, the city was, nevertheless, largely destroyed.

The Tang dynasty — relied on southern Jiangsu for annual deliveries of grain. This was however interrupted by the second Sino-Japanese Warwhich began full-scale in ; on December 13,Nanjing fell, and the combined atrocities of the occupying Japanese for the next three months would come to be known as the Nanjing Massacre.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Ganjiaxiang, Qixia Districtnear Nanjing. The Yangtze Riverthe longest river of China, cuts through the province in the south and reaches the East China Seawhich divides the region into two parts: Yue was in turn subjugated by the powerful state of Chu from the west in BC.

Jiankang remained as the capital for four successive Southern dynasties and became the largest commercial and cultural center in China. In a branchline was built joining this line to the main railway between Shanghai and Hangzhou at Jiaxing both in northern Zhejiangbut it was dismantled by the retreating Japanese army in The Qing dynasty changed this situation by establishing Nanzhili as Jiangnan province; in Jiangsu and Anhui were split apart as separate provinces, and Jiangsu was given borders approximately the same as today.

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Suzhou is a place of great beauty, with lakes, rivers, ponds, world-famous gardens, and a string of scenic hills along the eastern shore of the lake.