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The first line was built from the Waynesburg and Washington Narrow Gauge station to Wilson Orchard, just north of the present day site of the Washington Hospital. Freight services ended inalthough part of the line still survives for access to a coal mine.

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When you do find the rental you want, come prepared -- as in any community, landlords often require W2s or tax returns, credit reports, and bank statements. It's a mostly renter-occupied area, and you'll find apartment complexes of all types here, small and large, along with easy access to downtown eateries and public spaces.

There are single-family homes and hookup in washington pa complexes, and many residences were built between and The rebellion was centered on a tax being imposed on whiskey distillation in the region. Main Street, as well as a museum devoted to the history of the rebellion.

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A lot was given for a courthouse where the current building now stands, and Lots 43 andaccording to the plan, were presented by Hoge to "His Excellency, General Washington, and Mrs. InWashington County became the first county to be named for the father of the country.

The town was incorporated as a borough on Speed dating brandon fl 13,and became a city of the third class in You may want to start with the Chestnut Street area in the center of town. Each community has its own charms, so check them all out to find the right fit. Wilson chartered the Washington Electric Street Railways in with construction beginning in November Moving to Town Moving to Town If you're thinking about renting an apartment in Washington, PA, you'll find a variety of apartment rentals, including furnished apartments and many house rental options, too.

Life in Washington Life in Washington There's always something happening in Washington -- perhaps it's a holdover from early days, such as the Whiskey Rebellion, which centered on a tax imposed on whiskey distilleries in the area.

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You should have identification with you as well. The house of David Bradfordone of the leaders of the rebellion, is now a museum devoted to the Whiskey Rebellion, the David Bradford Houselocated on South Main Street of the city.

The Pennsylvania General Assembly passed an act on March 28,erecting the County of Washington and naming "Catfish Camp" as the place for holding the first election.

George Washington never visited Washington, PA, although the town, like the county, is named for him. Washington is a busy community, so it's prudent to allow 30 days to find the rental you want.

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It's a primarily owner-occupied area, but you can find rentals with a careful search. It also has its own symphony orchestra and is only 35 minutes from Pittsburgh. There are some truly historic homes here, but many properties were built between and In town, a lot dedicated for use as a courthouse also included additional lots presented to "His Excellency, General Washington, and Mrs.

Online listings are helpful, too. A short section of the line and a number of trolley cars are preserved at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum north of the city. Of course, check out the neighborhoods yourself. His original plot carried the name "Bassett, alias Dandridge Town," but before the plot was recorded, lines were drawn through "Bassett, alias Dandridge Town" with ink, and the word "Washington" was written above.

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No distilleries are around today, although pleasant bars and other entertainment spots do sell spirits. The original plot dedicated a tract of ground to the people for recreational purposes. David Hoge laid out a plan of lots immediately after the legislature's action.

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The discovery of oil and natural gas among the Washington oil field caused a boom period from the s to the early s. It was first settled by colonists around There are many other historic spots in town, too, including the site of a stop on the Underground Railway and the Pennsylvania Freight Railroad Station.

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Look in the Observer Reporter the local newspaperparticularly in the Sunday classifieds, for a rental resource. This is not true however; Washington had never been to the area. Sometimes the best rentals pop up that way, and you'll discover which areas you like the most. History buffs will love it here -- the house of one of the rebellion leaders, David Bradford, is located on S.

Suburban in feel, this community includes two pretty reservoirs and a scenic drive overlooking one of them.

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This was the first county in the U. With a solid historic core, the town also includes many amenities from shopping to dining. The company was bought by the Philadelphia Company inlater becoming part of the Pittsburgh Railway Companylinking through to Pittsburgh as part of their interurban service in