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You can email this to yourself or download it.

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Remember, using Gro should be a positive experience. You don't have to do them all at the same time. Making decisions about the future is all about your willingness to start dealing with a degree of dating in new braunfels texas. It is about making sure the foundations of confidence, pro activity, dealing with uncertainty, working productively in the present and managing transition are in place.

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You may wish to point out any links that are not working. We'd recommend that you store a copy in your iLearn space for your Personal Development Planning. If so, then please contact us at careers reading. This can lead to dwelling on past regrets and worrying about the future, rather than focusing on current, productive activity that will help them progress.

At the end of each section you will get an action plan. Contact Counselling Services if you want confidential, emotional advice on either a one-to-one basis or through a course run by the service. Do be aware that if you stop part way through a section, however, your results won't be saved.

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Investing in you Gro is all about you developing during your time at university. This section of Gro helps you to: This aspect of Gro is designed to help you: This tool is designed to: You may want to give us positive or critical feedback on how useful you found Gro.


Remember, if you are reflecting on your own development and establishing any development plans it is a good idea to save this in iLearn which is a secure central place which you can access throughout your degree. If you think some of the headings below represent potential areas of development for you then continue reading about the components of Gro and consider how you can make the most of them: Living in the present.

If you want to remove these results, ie to re-do a section, click on 'forget me'. You know yourself better than anyone. Using results All your information and results are treated confidentially by Gro and are not shared gro personals anyone else.

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Although the reasons for developing Gro are about helping students become more employable and more successful at making career choices, using Gro has the potential to benefit many areas of your university experience. Speak to a Careers Adviser if you want to discuss an issue related to your career planning or employability.

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Once you have completed a section you will have the option of printing, downloading or emailing your results, feedback and plans. Changing results Once you have clicked 'submit' you can't go back and alter your responses unless you delete all the results for a whole section. Gro does not save data for you, so unless you save your work and then return to the same computer, you will not be able to access it again.

You may want assistance with an aspect of the tool. This can lead to people dwelling on past regrets and worrying about the future rather than focusing on what they can do right now that is productive and will help them make progress. Some sections are quicker to do than others. Dealing with transition and change.

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Contact us There are a number of reasons why you may wish to contact us regarding your use of Gro: This may involve looking at just one or two sections. How do you need to Gro?

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Consider which of these areas of development you feel you would benefit from reflecting on. This section helps you to: Look at the sections below.

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This exercise points out the pitfalls of living in the past and future; helps you spot your own patterns of thinking; and considers how you can adopt more productive strategies. This tool helps you to: