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An Egyptian pilgrim named Ammoniuswho had in past times made various visits to the area, identified Jebel Musa as the Holy Mount in the 4th century.

InCharles Beke proposed that Sinai was the Jabal al-Nour meaning mountain of lighta volcanic mountain at the northern end of the Gulf of Aqaba, and which has great significance in Islam for other reasons; [64] Beke died the following year, but his writings published posthumously retracted this identification four years later in favour of Jebel Baggirwith Horeb being argued to be a different mountain - the nearby Jebel Ertowa.

Edward Hull stated that, "this traditional Sinai in every way meets the requirements of the narrative of the Exodus.

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Mount Catherine and Jebel Musa are both much higher than any mountains in the Sinaitic desert, or in all of Midian. In the fourth century CE small settlements of monks set up places of worship around Jebel Musa.

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Objects which bore Proto-Sinaitic inscriptions, the same as those found in Canaan, were discovered at Serabit el Khadim in the Southern Sinai. A possible candidate within the Arabia theory has been that of Jabal al-Lawz meaning 'mountain of almonds'.

She chose the site for the church from the identification which had been handed down through generations through the Bedouins. Albrightan American biblical scholar, had stated: Holland stated Recovery of Jerusalem, This possibility would exclude all the peaks on the Sinai peninsula and Seir, but would make a number of locations in north western Saudi Arabia reasonable candidates.

Regarding the Sumerian Sin deity assumption, William F. In early Christian times, a number of Anchorites settled on Mount Serbalconsidering it to be the biblical mountain, and in the 4th century a monastery was constructed at its base. Joseph's University believes that the archaeological evidence is too tenuous to draw conclusions but has stated that "Jabal al Lawz may also be the most convincing option for identifying the Mt.

It has also been recognized that it may somehow be connected with seneh Aram. The possibility of an alternate site located in Saudi Arabia has also drawn attention due to the Apostle Paul's assertion in the first century that Mount Sinai was located in Arabia, although in Paul's time, the region of Arabia Petraea would have included both the modern Sinai peninsula and northwestern Saudi Arabia.

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The Elijah narrative appears to suggest that when it was written, the location of Horeb was still known with some certainty, as Elijah is described as travelling to Horeb on one occasion, [25] but there are no later biblical references to it that suggest the location remained known; Josephus only specifies that it was within Arabia Petraea a Roman Province encompassing modern Jordansouthern modern Syriathe Sinai Peninsula and northwestern Saudi Arabia with its capital in Petraand the Pauline Epistles are even more vague, specifying only that it was in Arabiawhich covers most of the south-western Middle east.

Presumably the Israelite dwellings and artifacts consisted only of perishable materials. The Jebel al-Madhbah was evidently considered particularly sacred, as the well known ritual building known as The Treasury is carved into its base, the mountain top is covered with a number of different altars, and over 8 metres of the original peak were carved away to leave a flat surface with two 8 metre tall obelisks sticking out of it; these obelisks, which frame the end of the path leading up to them, and are now only 6 metres tall, have led to the mountain being colloquially known as Zibb 'Atuf, meaning penis of love in Arabic.

According to textual scholars, in the JE version of the Exodus narrative, the Israelites travel in a roughly straight line to Kadesh Barnea from the Yam Suph literally meaning "the Reed Sea ", but considered traditionally to refer to the Red seaand the detour via the south of the Sinai peninsula is only present in the Priestly Source.

Evidently this view was eventually taken up by Christian groups as well, as in the 16th century a church was constructed at the peak of this mountain, which was replaced by a Greek Orthodox chapel in Etymology[ edit ] Out of the Sinai desert, painting by Eugen Brachtc.

The valley in which Petra resides is known as the Wadi Musameaning valley free mount horeb dating Moses, and at the entrance to the Siq is the Ain Musa, meaning spring of Moses; the 13th century Arab chronicler Numari stated that Ain Musa was the location where Moses had brought water from the ground, by striking it with his rod. Graham Davies of Cambridge University argues that early Jewish pilgrimages identified Jebel Musa as Mount Sinai and this identification was later adopted by the Christian pilgrims.

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The biblical description of God's descent [15] seems to be in conflict with the statement shortly after that God spoke to the Israelites from Heaven. The journey to the mines was long, difficult and dangerous.

Etheria circa 4th century CE wrote, "The whole mountain group looks as if it were a single peak, but, as you enter the group, [you see that] there are more than one. Based on a number of local names and features, in Ditlef Nielsen identified the Jebel al-Madhbah meaning mountain of the Altar at Petra as being identical to the biblical Mount Sinai; [61] since then other scholars[ who?

Saudi Arabia[ edit ] Map of Saudi Arabia A suggested possible naturalistic explanation of the biblical devouring fire is that Sinai could have been an erupting volcano ; this has been suggested by Charles Beke[64] Sigmund Freud[65] and Immanuel Velikovskyamong others.

It is improbable that the name Sinai is derived from that of the Sumerian Zen older Zu-enAkkadian Sin, the moon-god worshiped at Ur in his form Nannar and at Harran, since there is no indication that the name Melbourne asian dating website was ever employed by the Canaanites or the Semitic nomads of Palestine.

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There is also no other district in the Peninsula which affords such excellent pasturage. Beit-Arieh wrote, "Perhaps it will be argued, by those who subscribe to the traditional account in the Bible, that the Israelite material culture was only of the flimsiest kind and left no trace.

Several of these were dated in the later Bronze Age. It is much more likely that the name Sinai is connected with the place-name Sin, which belongs to a desert plain in Sinai as well as to a Canaanite city in Syria and perhaps to a city in the northeast Delta of Egypt.

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Sinai of biblical tradition" and should be researched. Halfway between Kadesh Barnea and Petra is Har Karkomwhich Emmanuel Anati excavated, and discovered to have been a major Paleolithic cult centre, with the surrounding plateau covered with shrines, altars, stone circles, stone pillars, and over 40, rock engravings; although the peak of religious activity at the site dates to — BCE, the exodus is dated 15 Nisan Hebrew calendar ; BCE[79] and the mountain appears to have been abandoned between — BCE, Anati proposed that Jabal Ideid was equatable with biblical Sinai.

Archaeological artifacts discovered at the top of the mountain indicate that it was once covered by polished shiny blue slatefitting with the biblical description of paved work of sapphire stone; [62] biblical references to sapphire are considered by scholars to be unlikely to refer to the stone called sapphire in modern times, as sapphire had a different meaning, and wasn't even mined, before the Roman era.

She also reported the site was confirmed to her in a dream.