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Layout[ edit ] The Setauket Mill Pond Setauket has a New England —style village green with a mill pond and park, a small post office, the Caroline Church built inand the Setauket Presbyterian Church established in Wallace ofwas a schooner. The population density was 1, Despite the questionable nature of many of his claims, John Scott had enough power and support to rename Setauket for his ancestral homeland in England, Ashford, Kentand to construct a stately home named Egerton.

Relationship to surrounding towns[ edit ] "The Setaukets" refers to an area between Stony Brook and Port Jefferson harbors, sometimes including parts of Stony Brook University.

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At the time, Loyalists controlled Setauket and had fortified the Presbyterian church for use as their stronghold. There were 5, housing units at an average density of Clark Libraryalso on the Village Green, is often considered one of the most comprehensive on Long Island.

In the CDP, the population was spread out with In Maya 3.

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Almost all of the commercial establishments in Setauket are concentrated in three areas: The Culper ring was highly successful and alerted Washington to such plots as a surprise attack on the newly allied French forces, a scheme to counterfeit Continental currency, and the secret defection of a general in the Continental Army afterwards known to be Benedict Arnold.

The remainder of Setauket is predominantly residential.

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Hispanic or Latino of any race were 9. The influential philanthropist Ward Melville Following the completion of railroad service from New York City to Port Jeffersonthe Setaukets began functioning as a summer resort town.

Sadly, authorities in New York returned the vessel to its owners, south american dating service she later completed what is considered the last successful American slaving voyage to Africa.

Modern history[ edit ] Setauket Mill, a replica based on earlier structures The 19th century brought industry to East Setauket.

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Among the vessels built at Setauket were the Adorna in by David Brewster Bayles, which was the largest square-rigged sailing ship built on Long Island outside of Brooklyn At that time Brooklyn was considered part of Long Island, and the largest sailing vessel built at Port Jefferson, the Martha E. By the early 20th century, nearly all industrial activity within the Setaukets had ceased.

Rowland at the direction of captain Thomas B. The spy ring consisted primarily of Setauket residents, including its leader Benjamin Tallmadge and key agent Abraham Woodhull.

What is less well known is that the Wanderer later served in the Union navy during the Civil War as the USS Wanderer and captured two small blockade runners. The pulpit of the Presbyterian church was destroyed and a number of gravestones from the surrounding cemetery were moved as part of the fortifications. During the British occupation, residents held religious services at the c.

Washington later spent a night in Setauket during his tour of Long Island.

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Plans are being made to further expand the bicycle route to Wading River by converting defunct railroad tracks. There were 5, households out of which These supplemented larger operations in neighboring Port Jefferson. Numerous medical and professional offices are located on Belle Meade Road, along with other businesses that service them. A likeness of the Adorna has pride of place today above the main entrance of Setauket's high school.

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Some of the bullets were embedded into the walls of the extant Caroline Church of Brookhaven. The Wanderer was sold to new owners after her first cruise and they tried to have the vessel secretly converted into a slaver at Port Jefferson in largely employing outsiders but suspicious residents alerted authorities and the vessel was captured by the USS Harriet Lane off Port Jefferson as it attempted a hasty departure.

The Presbyterian church was rebuilt in Hawkins who would later command her. The average household size was 2. Much of this corridor is currently underutilized, with a handful of businesses in small strip malls.

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This was the first settlement in what later became the Town of Brookhavenand both the hamlet and town use the date as their origin. During the gunfight, Parsons' men took cover behind Patriots' Rock, which remains near the village green with a commemorative plaque.

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The region's first European settlers were English migrants from New England. Three hours of gunfire ensued before Parsons withdrew and returned to Connecticut with minimal casualties for either side.

Services resumed after the war until lightning hit the church in She did so without Captain Hawkins who quit before the vessel was released. For every females, there were During the Revolutionary War, it housed a tavern where British occupiers were entertained The Caroline Church of Brookhaven, builtis the oldest extant church in Suffolk County In the American Revolutionary Warthe Battle of Setauket was fought on the village green.

During the s the settlement was temporarily renamed Ashford.

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A few additional shops and factories were established before modern zoning rules went into effect, a handful of which are located on Gnarled Hollow Road and Comsewogue Road. Shipbuilding, which had begun as early asprospered as new shipyards populated the section of Setauket Harbor known as Dyers Neck. Better known is the famous, or infamous, schooner yacht Wanderer built at Setauket in by William J.