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Eh, I'm not surprised.

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Cole Williams, the one who is definitely labeled, the one labeled as the hot school bad boy. I grinned as I kept my head against his chest.

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He looked hot dating ln gym fu- 'Is Trent in the car? He practically has every girl just dropping at his feet and he is constantly getting into fights with other jocks.

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Gee scoffed loudly before she turned to me, 'At least you have a boyfriend who is a gentleman and will actually walk to the door to get you. I jumped as I heard the doorbell ring.

I really do not appreciate people copying my ideas and stories when I put a lot of effort in. His face was just hot as usual.

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I kept quiet as thoughts caressed my brain. Liv and Cole have never really spoken because of Aaron, but surely when it comes to getting revenge on Aaron Black, the two can make Parties, high school drama, fights, kisses, cat fights. Lets just hope tonight will be a good one. And his body looked hot hot hot in his suit. I wrote this book quite a while ago whilst I was going through a bad time, it was just something I wrote to take my mind off things and it took me to a happier place.

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Oh fake date that is. Ew that blue really doesn't look right next to red. Report Story Hi guys, before you read this book there are a few things I want you to know. When I wrote this book I didn't even have a storyline in my head, I literally made it up as I went along, so please don't expect some amazing, extraordinary book.

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That's all I'm saying about him. Dating bad boy wattpad looked a bit taken back before she recomposed herself. Many boys fancy her, whilst many girls envy her. I smiled happily as I rested my head on Coles firm chest.

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To which I couldn't help but bite my lip as I grinned. Cole turned to me as he snorted slightly before he grabbed my hand and attempted to walk back into the hall but El stopped us.

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Like Liv, he also comes from a rich family, which is probably one of the reasons why he is an arrogant, cocky, self-obsessed hottie.