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Dating a guy with a female best friend, answer...

You attract what you are. He's married and has two kids and his wife and I get along very well. You literally attract the things you resist and are afraid of — into your life. He also my not know how to start a conversation about his feelings for you.

Throwing jealousy fits is literally pushing him away from you, probably to the arms of any other girl. You can't control him so don't try to. This may be a sign that he is on his way outor cheating, or losing interest in your relationship.

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And trust me I have at least 8 best girl friends liking me now. But I think if you two do get together it would work. I love him just the way he is. Instead, try to get to know her. Answer My boyfriend hangs out with my best friend all the time.

It is hard to try and bring to light something of this nature to someone that does not want to see it. Either he is or he isn't. If he does, that's when the girlfriend should get a little suspicious.

That you are insecure. If you think he likes you maybe you should try to break the ice about his feelings and if you feel the same way about him then you talk to him very soon because oneday it might be to late.

If he is going to cheat there is little you can do to prevent it anyway. I believe that is possible. Get yourself happy and healthy. Does a guy like you if dating a guy with a female best friend acts hot and cold to you and kisses you on the lips which he doesn't do to any of his other female friends yet he's been ignoring you?

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If you start to feel uncomfortable make sure they BOTH know, don't keep it to yourself. What does it mean when a guy seems uncomfortable talking about his girlfriend to his friend who is female? Summary Before I sum up my points in this post, I really want to know how you feel: Just because a guy is dating someone, doesn't mean that they can't talk to other women.

It will make her defensive as well, and may make her say some negative stuff about you.

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Once a person cheats and doesn't treat you with respect it usually happens several times more. Don't read into it as it is probably just as harmless as introducing you to his friends because they are there and so are you.

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The only control you have is self control. So, what can you do if they like to do sleep overs and text all day?

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Just be happy he likes your friends. I've had a male friend for over 30 years. How do you tell if your female friend likes you? Based on my experience, if you startignoring him he will most likely come around and start to pursueyou.

If your brave enough, and have time, go up to the guy you want tobe friends with! How do you make a guy your guy friend? Another thing you can do is ask one of her best friends if she likes you so you can hook up.

My husband knows women that are his friends and I have male friends. If you have a female friend for 7 yrs were there for her for 3 yrs after her divorce she says you are one of her best friends she meets a guy that won't let her talk to you he's abusive.

He has helped me in so many ways. You'll never have a "good one" if you aren't together first. This may be the cause of his unease in discussing her with you. Even if they text all day, and even if he hangs out with her a lot — do not assume that he is attracted to her. No one likes to be told how to feel.

I love my self.