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Peggy Hill once mentions likely in jest his longest relationship was a three-day weekend. The singing was done by country star Vince Gill.

His heavy Southern accent sometimes leads to misunderstandings about his mental capacity; it has been made clear that he is an intelligent person who expresses that in an inimitable way, such as a memorable occasion where the group's anger at Bill leads to Hank finding out he has the word "Bill" tattooed on his head, and Boomhauer chuckles as he says "life will throw you dang ol' curveball man, like dang ol' Sandy Koufax " a reference to the legendary Hall of Fame pitcher who was known for the unhittable pitch Boomhauer described.

The word was broken down into syllables, with proper pronunciation and the definition see gibberish. Dale, not being as athletic as his friends, was the towel manager. Nevertheless, he sings clearly, as evidenced by his rendition of " Blue Moon of Kentucky " in Episode " The Bluegrass Is Always Greener " ; this same episode reveals that he also has a talent for the banjo and the accordion.

Oh my, it's the fifteenth already? Boomhauer; and his sleazy, womanizer brother, Patch, voiced by Brad Pitt in his only speaking appearance he appeared again for a split second at Luanne and Lucky's wedding.

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Occasionally, he had girlfriends that he dated for more than sex. In one episode where Hank, Bill, Dale, and Boomhauer are stuck in the water because they jumped off a boat, Boomhauer confesses that he dyes his hair " Hank's on Board ". Sally" in which he had a lot of sex with strange women the name being a reference to the classic Wilson Pickett song Mustang Sally until the car was accidentally driven into the Arlen quarry by Dale, Hank and Bill while playing a prank on him Dale did not know how to drive a manual car and confused the clutch for the brake pedal.

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Three of the main characters Hank, Dale, and Boomhauer graduated from high school together Bill did not complete his senior year having enlisted in the United States Army. His driver's license as shown in the series finale reads simply "Boomhauer, Jeff".

An example of a typical line of dialog: In " A Fire Fighting We Will Go ", when a story is presented from Boomhauer's point of view, he speaks clearly while the other characters have his usual speech pattern, indicating that Boomhauer sees his speech as normal and that of his associates as difficult to understand.

According to Hank, Boomhauer is allergic to macadamia nuts.

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Trademark speech pattern[ edit ] Boomhauer's speech patterns are nearly incomprehensible to the untrained audience and serve as a recurring theme. Coach Sauers asks Boomhauer how the family is, and Boomhauer says "Man they're doin' fine, man.

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Boomhauer's speech is satirical of " rednecks " using phrases such as "dang ol'", "dad gum" and "yeah, man talkin' 'bout" and has the cadence and style of a Cajun accent. While he enjoys his friendship with Hank, he sometimes has limited patience with Dale whom he sharply refers to as "Gribble" and considers Bill "boring" due to his inferiority complex.

Yeah man, I tell ya what, man, that dang ol' internet, man, you just go in on there and point and click, talk about w-w-dot-w-com, mean you got the naked chicks on there, man, just go click, click, click, click, click, it's real easy, man.

He mumbles, usually quite fast, and invariably uses the words "dang ol'" as an all-purpose adjective, sometimes several times in a single sentence.

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